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MANUSCRIPTS (available upon request)

  • Are Feminists Anti-Family? Postindustrial Configurations of Gender-Role Attitudes and Family Values.

      • Status: Under Review

  • When Kids Are a Burden: Understanding the Normative Sources of Negative Perceptions of Parenthood.

      • Status: Under Review

  • When Mothers Do It All: Gender-Role Norms and Women's Fertility Intentions in Postindustrial Societies. (with Ohjae Gowen and Mary C. Brinton)

      • Status: Under Review

  • Reconceptualizing Individualism-Collectivism (with Minjae Kim)

      • Status: Under Review


  • Revisiting the Left-Right Political Fertility Gap

  • Trust Radius and Postindustrial Fertility Variation

  • Trends in Prevalence of Overwork and the Returns to Overwork: Cross-national Research (with Kelly Musick)